In the words of "Click & Clack", this is our unabashed commerce division! ...and until we get set up to purchase directly on the site we wanted to offer the following products. Email us directly at with your requests or questions; we are utilizing Venmo for all payments. Thank you for your support! 

Wish you could choose a 'toon to hang on your wall or give to a friend? You can! Just pick your favorite one(s) and we will matte the print in either 8 x 10" or 5 x 7" (depending on the 'toon selected; mostly 8x10) for$20 each -this includes shipping in US or Canada only! We use a neutral color matte and it may vary at time of production. Sorry no frames at this time.

In the Garden, the original 96 page book that inspired In the Hothouse; very limited quantities only $12 includes shipping to US and Canada only and signed by Baldy! 



Take your favorite 'toon with you! We hope to offer a T-shirt version soon...we are currently looking into options so check back often!  Thank you!!