Baldy, as seen here, lives on the New Hampshire coast where he does most of his sketching. Originally from Vermont he obtained a horticulture degree at UVM and worked many years in commercial and retail greenhouse/floral businesses.

     Totally self-taught as a cartoonist, he does not think of himself as an artist but more of a humorist. His preferred medium is the simple black ink line drawings. Animating potted plants literally came to him when he was on the road, in a van with no radio, delivering for a greenhouse he worked at. His mind drifted...

     In his youth he was heavily influenced by Andy Capp, Doonesbury, Peanuts, Looney Tunes and later Calvin & Hobbes and Jeff Danziger. His first cartoons were in strip form and were based on a trade theme. He had limited success with industry trade magazines as well as being published in a national quarterly gardening journal. In 1994 he self published 'In the Garden' which focused on gardening themes in a single panel format.

     He took a hiatus from drawing to raise a family and with the advent of the Internet started to draw his cartoon plants not only from a horticulture perspective but also put them in situations that mirrored everyday occurrences and social foibles - Enjoy!